Our Story

Driven by a vision and dedication to cultural and humanistic problem-solving, Autism Advocacy Intervention was born. Established in 2015 by Brian and Sherry Marrier, together they poured every ounce of their resources into the creation. They aspired to create more than a company, but to build a community that genuinely reflects good values—not merely through words but through observable actions. This ethos is palpable in our exceptional retention rates and the organic growth of our team, primarily through word-of-mouth and our internal commitment to professional development.

At AAI, we are proud to say that our values are lived daily. They are evident in the environment our team creates, where significant energy, resources, and investment are channeled into nurturing the principles we stand for. It is a place where accountability is not just expected but embraced, and compassion is a reflex. The remarkable entity that AAI is today—a service provider and organization that holds tight to our original values—is a testament to our amazing team of professionals. It’s rare to find such a collective of professionals working so diligently every day to support one another. We know that by maintaining our values and professional care internally, our service to clients and their families will be equally exceptional.

As we extend our services across California, Vermont, and Georgia, our team is characterized by humility and a steadfast belief in the power of our collective effort. Our growth is a direct result of the dedication and teamwork of our incredible staff, whose diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich our organization.

Our Vision

We will continue to provide excellent care and understanding to those in need. We will continue to focus on serving those who are underserved. We will expand our service area to help more individuals across this great nation. We will strive to be a source of knowledge about ASD. We will make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Our Values

We focus on personal development, job satisfaction, and clinical quality. 
We ask ourselves:

  • What does it mean to provide our team with the resources and time to be successful?
  • What does it mean to have a workplace that listens to and supports its employees?
  • What does it mean to create a learning environment for an individual with ASD?
  • What does it mean to provide quality support with clinical and ethical standards?
  • What does being accountable truly mean? 
  • What does true leadership look like and take to nurture? 
  • What does fully understanding the weight associated with telling a community, “We are here, and you can count on us,” look like?

We celebrate doing a great job, not the hours worked, because when you support talented people to do the job they love, you get the best quality care. When you receive quality care, it allows you to thrive and become your best self.

Our Achievements

2022 and 2023: IDD Care Award: “Recognizing outstanding professionals embracing technology to transform and scale autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) care.”

Our Team

Brian Marrier – Owner/ Co-founder

Brian Marrier’s journey has been one of diverse experiences, shaped by an early appreciation for travel, culture, leadership, and the tapestry of human diversity. In his formative years, Brian was captivated by the exploration of different cultures and the invaluable lessons they imparted on life and human connectivity. This appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual’s story has been the cornerstone of his personal and professional journey.

Art, in its myriad forms, has been one of Brian’s passions. It led him to establish an art studio nestled in the green mountains of Vermont, which later propelled him across the country to Los Angeles. Here he pursued his art career and received his master’s degree in fine arts at Otis College of Art and Design. His engagement with contemporary art deepened, not just as a form of expression but as the study of critical thinking, problem solving, and as a mode of questioning society’s fabric and our place within it.

In a twist of fate, his path crossed with a young autistic individual who became a cherished friend. This friendship unlocked a purpose he hadn’t realized. It channeled his intrinsic interest in listening, questioning, and solving into a new direction—special education. It led him to a master’s degree in education and a non-public school specializing in autism education. There, he discovered the transformative power of Applied Behavior Analysis. Soon after, he became a Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, and opened the doors of AAI to transform the lives of others.

Sherry Marrier -Co-Owener/ Co-Founder

Sherry Marrier grew up in Altadena, California, and comes from a long line of educators. She has a passion for teaching and loves the dynamic way in which people learn and their enthusiasm when achieving milestones. 

She was a teacher for many years, but after meeting her husband, Brian, she used her talents as an educator to aid in the creation of AAI. When AAI opened shop with one BCBA/CEO/Founder, Brian Marrier, Sherry fulfilled the roles of co-founder, scheduler, and biller; she was also the very first Registered Behavior Technician. As hiring needs developed, Sherry added recruiter and hiring manager to her list of positions, reviewing resumes, holding interviews, and onboarding new technicians, all while doing so with attention, care, and comradery. 

As the years pass and the company continues to grow, whether in one role or in multiple roles, a central source of AAI’s supportive team-oriented environment and people-centered values continues to be Sherry. She is a backbone for AAI’s administrative and clinical team members. She develops meaningful and lasting relationships with, of course, team members, but also clients, community entities, and funding sources. While Sherry still wears many hats behind the scenes, her main role continues to be co-founder and recruiter. She bridges the gap between administrative departments and clinical teams. Her commitment to compassion and quality of performance for all employees that join the team has remained constant from day one until today.

Danielle Cohen – Executive Clinical Director

Danielle grew up in Santa Clarita, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. When she was in elementary school, she loved playing “school” with her little sister and stuffed animals and wanted to become a teacher when she grew up. She watched as her mother struggled to teach her sister with an intellectual disability. Once Daneille found out that there was a science to the way people learn, she knew she had found her calling in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

She got her bachelor’s in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Northridge. She dabbled in business real estate for a short time before following her heart back to working with children. Danielle then received her master’s in Human Behavior from National University and earned her post-graduate Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Danielle joined AAI early on in the development of the company. She was hesitant at first, but she could not stop thinking about how the company’s values aligned so well with her own. She eventually took the job to start up the telehealth department. She grew up with the company, helping shape the telehealth and overall care that AAI provides to clients. Danielle is now the Executive Clinical Director at AAI. She uses her skills to build, strengthen, and empower her team at AAI and her crossfit gym that she runs with her husband, all while competing in crossfit competitions.