​Types of Services


AAI’s play spaces have half-day, full-day, and social skills group sessions. The clinic provides an environment that prepares an individual to learn rules, routines, play with peers, coping, self-regulation, and so much more, all within a program that is individualized to them. We provide quality ABA therapy and early intervention in a fun, caring, and exciting space that your children will thrive in! 


In Home

In-home ABA intervention involves delivering behavior analysis services directly to individuals in their own homes. These interventions are customized to address specific behavioral challenges and goals within the home environment, such as communication, daily living skills, learning to learn skills, and social interactions. The focus is on creating a supportive and structured environment to promote positive behavior change and skill development.


Telehealth for ABA intervention has been developed by AAI to utilize online platforms and video conferencing to provide services remotely to individuals. In this approach, a Behavior Technician (BT) works directly with the individual and the family, providing hands-on support and implementing behavior intervention plans. If required, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supervisor will access sessions using telehealth technology. This tool helps AAI reach rural communities where Board Certified Behavior Analysts may be difficult to access, ensuring that individuals and their families receive comprehensive ABA services even in remote areas. ​

Caregiver Training in ABA

Caregiver training in ABA involves educating and empowering caregivers to effectively implement behavior intervention strategies at home. This includes teaching caregivers how to reinforce desired behaviors, manage challenging behaviors, and create a supportive and structured home environment that promotes the generalization of skills. While this service is not mandatory, we highly recommend it for all of our clients. You are able to receive and benefit from caregiver education while receiving any of our other services or utilizing this service on its own. 



ABA interventions in school or daycare settings involve collaborating with educational professionals to support individuals in an educational environment. Many schools in rural communities utilize our virtual technology, often with screens of and earbuds, to help staff manage learning and challenging behavior target. AAI works with the staff empowering them to implement learning strategies. This may include creating behavior intervention plans, conducting assessments, and providing ongoing support to help individuals succeed academically and socially within these settings. This model allows AAI to systematically fade off support while ensuring that the student(s) can benefit from the ABA strategies.

Private Contract

Private contract ABA intervention refers to providing ABA services to individuals through private arrangements. This could involve working directly with families or organizations on a contractual basis to design and implement behavior intervention plans tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

Community ABA Intervention

Community-based ABA intervention extends the application of behavior analysis principles to real-life community settings. This may include teaching individuals social skills, safety skills, and appropriate behavior in various community contexts, such as parks, stores, and public transportation.